Sexually pleasing a consenting 6 year old.

He sat there with eyes vividly grey, explaining away irrationally his strong pride as a member of the PIE club. Yes, PIE. Sounds corny? Let me shed more light. So lets say your little girl/boy innocently wanders into the laps of such men-brothers/uncles/friends/teachers/pastors/men/women who are members of this club, and she "shows interest in being … Continue reading Sexually pleasing a consenting 6 year old.


I would probably have bought a gift! scratch that, I would have given you yesternight. We both know I was never good at keeping surprises! Ade! Ade! Ade! screeching at the top of your voice, it used to irritate me: must you scream! Kai! Ishola-Ade, ma binu now... Ishola, Isho omo agun ma te( … Continue reading Forever…


I wished I knew when you will be touching down, i mean the exact time... maybe then this fear of hoping will not leave me in weaves? I look forward to you... to us. to the trail I see us blaze. I indeed look forward to responsibility probably, accountability too... can we add some spice … Continue reading Dazed


I look at you... laughing out loud from the other side of the mirror. I see your dissatisfaction, perfectly mirrored in mine...   I know the answers to your listlessness Do you know mine?   Sister in crime, sister mine... Girl in distress, they all want us for a mistress! we play games with them … Continue reading Riri