Tamar, Ruth and all others gone before…

To bow and be used... choosing to live and be useful. Not allowing another's existence impede A life of service. Will there be gain... who can say? But to choose not to go mad, and let another carelessly go on living making meaningless a life so vital. Choosing to serve and be of service... letting [...]

The mistress and her lullabies.

With perfect agility and know- she acts out her part, wittingly uncaring of the damage she leaves in her wake. Sonorous, beautiful and sought after, never faithful to none other but for the pleasing of her needs, tumultuously wrapped in the veils of innocence. All remain deceived. Some can see the plot but the drama [...]

Sexually pleasing a consenting 6 year old.

He sat there with eyes vividly grey, explaining away irrationally his strong pride as a member of the PIE club. Yes, PIE. Sounds corny? Let me shed more light. So lets say your little girl/boy innocently wanders into the laps of such men-brothers/uncles/friends/teachers/pastors/men/women who are members of this club, and she "shows interest in being [...]

Sing me a true sonnet.

Write me a verse. make the sonnets ring erupting rapturous orgasms from deep within. Pen me lyrics; send the strings on an errand for me, tell the story true. Make my nipples taut with your sweet nothings, render the wax in my ears soft... that the droppings like steals from the comb might become. Oh! [...]

Still the avenger!

Aggrieved Woman. I watch the blood spill... dropping slowly and sweetly like agbalumo with fierce red nipples. It should have given pleasure Alas! the soft petals that give acridity to the mouth making it puckered like an embittered cunt! Generations undone. the blood drips fresh. it can't be helped. If only I had not met [...]


I would probably have bought a gift today...no! scratch that, I would have given you yesternight. We both know I was never good at keeping surprises! Ade! Ade! Ade! screeching at the top of your voice, it used to irritate me: must you scream! Kai! Ishola-Ade, ma binu now... Ishola, Isho omo agun ma te( [...]


I look at you... laughing out loud from the other side of the mirror. I see your dissatisfaction, perfectly mirrored in mine...   I know the answers to your listlessness Do you know mine?   Sister in crime, sister mine... Girl in distress, they all want us for a mistress! we play games with them [...]


the voice of madness draws near, mocking... what will the end be a private glimpse denied... who will resist a voice so poignant, nearing the destination of others gone before... silently and purposefully carving away, shreds and tatters of sanity... where will the path terminate, no glimpse of forks to alternate a force so great... [...]