Omalicha, Eagle gone on…

Ify Omalicha…for the few who knew and read her works, her death was a sudden shock I still have not gotten over…


Our milk has gone dry,

drowned by the tears we shed

…tears of pain and sorrow.

An eagle flew across mama’s hut:
Blazing a trail for us to See…
Leading the path to hope and glory…

We drudged on;
A torch in hand following the path,
It flew high, high and mighty

Then suddenly IT plummeted!

It fell right into the dark abyss…
We became shocked:
for its fall was all too sudden.

Our echoes down the well,
came back unheard,

Bounced right back at us unanswered!

Our lips parched dry…
Sought the nipples that held the milk

the flower that held the nectar…

Pucker and sucker,
Our lips came back dry!
Our milk has gone sour!
Drenched in the tears empty on our faces…

Our echoes have come back empty.
The eagle has plummeted!
Such a tragic grief!

Can we trust our hearts…
to find the trail you blazed
Are we bold enough to step forward…

The eagle has plummeted!
Leaving behind a cub…

A cub we cannot cuddle,
So young, oh so young and free!

Free of its milk of desire…

Our lips are parched… Dry!
Tears have run out,
The eagle has blazed its trail!

Are we bold Enough To step out.

IFY OMALiCHA has departed!
Are we bold enough,
to bear this grief…

Bold enough to take her place.

Our garments have been rendered tattered!
Our milk has run dry…

With parched lips we cry out…
EWO O!!!!
This is more than we can bear!

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