the Thief, the Whistle-blower and the Mad men IV

what have i done?


the girl after various beatings was finally dragged off.

topless and one short of a friend.

she must have received the beating of her life,

how else can I describe the belts, the slaps, and the kicks?


I sat there and saw a child

maybe fifteen going on sixteen,

there in a crucifixion I had orchestrated,

in my stupid show of audacity!

go through what even “Jesus” cried enough.


Admists the shouts and the cries,

her friend playing a total “Peter” on her,

I sat there dazed and losing all hope for humanity.


how much was in the purse…

what is the price tag of this crime, criminals voluntarily carry out

who has birthed these girls?

where were they?

Is this all it takes for the demons in the crowd to be



yet, as the bus zoomed off

leaving this child to her fate,

I wish I had kept my mouth shut!

I wish I had avoided this great rape of this girl’s humanity!

I wish I could save that child from another harsh reality,

thrust upon her by Parents who turn a blind eye

or was she the “Cain of the family?”


As casually as it had begun,

the driver said: if she is lucky,

the lynchers would just rape her and let her go…


I saw the color of anger and fear,

(yellow with a tinge of blue and red),

rape has become a lesser evil

a mere punishment for wrong,

who is to tell wrong from right?

why wont these mad men take their frustrations out

on the streets of Abuja or Lagos

on the real criminals…


would rape have been a welcome safety

from the merciless masked men who whisked innocent girls away?

this is what existence in Nigeria has come to.

who will set us free…


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