Sexually pleasing a consenting 6 year old.

He sat there with eyes vividly grey, explaining away irrationally his strong pride as a member of the PIE club. Yes, PIE. Sounds corny? Let me shed more light.

So lets say your little girl/boy innocently wanders into the laps of such men-brothers/uncles/friends/teachers/pastors/men/women who are members of this club, and she “shows interest in being sexually fondled” then the said adult has the freedom and right to fondle the child in whatever way that seems pleasing to the adult. Yes, the adult.

I sit there outraged but the logical part of me become enmeshed in a cultural/moral/emotional/psychological and spiritual discussion with myself.

I think I should explore first and foremost what it means for a child to feel sexual pleasure(am forcing my brain to grasp this idea.) Is my child desiring some release that she has to repress because she perceives I will frown on it. Does she find it easy to send such signals to an adult(who seems somehow to have gone to the school of signals and learnt how to pick them in nano seconds), Am I in anyway guilty of societal conformity. Are they morally wrong to have these feelings(assuming I am ignorant of their biology) or have we made them feel they should be guilty with our moral aspersions on the topic.

(Hey! hold your bullets and arguments, let us explore this subject as rational adults that we may reach a logical conclusion.)

So, do children have sexual urges or not. Secondly, how have they been coping with these urges. Thirdly, why has society turned a blind eye to the freedom of these children to have sexual urges. Lastly, has society contributed in any way to the abuse of children by adults in any form whatsoever by turning the blind eye on these issues.

Please take some minutes to watch this video and keep your reactions in check till you have logically analysed the issue from all angles. In the meantime, I would ask us to sit and think on this as the emotional/psychological/spiritual freedom of a new generation may depend on it.( I am assuming the current one has gone through sexual explorations of all kinds from Nickelodeon to Soundcity to E!, AMAG and several porn exposures and what is not there today to see!)


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