childhood (unedited)

Steal not my childhood from me
Neither deprive me of the days
When ignorance was most profound

Force me not into education
Let the years of tales satisfy
Let the years of animal hunting
Oh such glorious years!
Let them for me be enough.

The days when okporoko
Was d fish most delicious in d pot
Where disaster was when my sister
Came back with unsoiled clothe from
Her husbands hut!
Oh the days when swimming naked
In the pools of nsala were delights

Oh steal not from me sister
The years of no education in
Classrooms built with tears and toil
From papas farm
Executed properly through taxes
We dared to pay

Oh visit me again days
Of village wrestling and dances
Caricatures of life we live now
Of privacy and indoor swimming pools
Of meals we know not who toiled for
Of democracy and monumental wastes

Please take not from me sister
The days when mamas wrappers were
Comforts and peace and sister was
Just a foreigner dreamed of in the land
Of the spirits.

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One thought on “childhood (unedited)

  1. Reading this leaves dust in my air, in the dust where i played soccer as a child. It really sent me back, way back when i had less troubles on my mind


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