the Thief, the Whistle-blower and the Mad men III

i looked back and I heard the pleas…

i could not fathom my feelings:

it went from alarm to


then confusion.


yet, this girl persisted and refused.

she refused to be dragged off the bus,

it was as if she knew what was coming…

it was as if I had no idea of

what was coming…

I had no idea.


the crowd had gathered;

for on the streets of Lagos: Yaba to be precise,

geographically Nigeria,

the people were frustrated.

we were exhausted.


we are exhausted:

with the meaningless death.

the cash loathsome economy.

the embezzlement “s”…

the government that parties barely a few days after a sacrilegious act

had been committed,

the abduction of “200” children from the most safe place.

a place away from all the menace of “the death”.

Alas for their illusion!


this girl simply refused to be dragged off the bus

and as I sat there and watched amazed,

my real fears began.



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