Years gone by…

I remember my years in mushin…

Years i cannot buy back;

memories of a life well adjusted,

of days unruffled by hardships!

memories of a time and place

that seem so unreal now…

As i drive through,

I see dreams I did not believe real.

realities i never imagined possible,

of times I never dreamed

en capsuled in momentous steps;

burdened by years never really understood.

Today i look at you,

You see a reality you never dream i lived;

I will not take you to those years


in my heart of hearts

I will live those moments again

maybe better,

I would NEVER dream of making a trade of them.

Mushin contributed a lot to what I am today.

Mushin my place of fear;

of unimagined experiences,

of children forever caged in realities

of servitude forever accepted.

That great monumental waste of human resource!

Mushin my cage of tears,

Of things i never can tell Maami.

Mushin that great place!


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