The mistress and her lullabies.

With perfect agility and know-
she acts out her part,
wittingly uncaring of the damage she leaves in her wake.

Sonorous, beautiful and sought after,
never faithful to none other
but for the pleasing of her needs,
tumultuously wrapped in the veils of innocence.

All remain deceived.

Some can see the plot but the drama need be acted out.
It cannot be stopped.
The subtleties started eons ago;
in the exchange of care, lust and friendship.
The damage hidden in the passing of time-unchallenged.

My husband required of me my covenant
bequeathing it to the queen of his slums.
He would not avail me the chance to remind him
that, our covenants were blood given-
the sorceress already had his heart in her blood-stained fangs.

I look on waiting…
for the day when penance will be sought and
the years of my tears and pain immediately wiped off
in the expectations of a good woman called.

The sorceress met me betwixt times…
challenged me for the oath of my beloved,
telling me of time and times past.
a queen of his life proclaimed she…

If she knew where the oaths were made;
or who the orchestrator be,
maybe caution seek will she.
arrogance in its benign
deceived her of powers possessed,
forgetting it was bestowed.

…making of me but a moth.

This becomes her destruction.

(I write not to please or meaning for you make: apologies.)

I become a prophetess in the telling of the adventures
taking place in the slits between time.

A time and  times past!

Oh! the telling of time on the mind.
The grievance of a wandering heart on a wanton soul.
Time became the destruction of both.

Arrogance in all its glory could not save the witch
from the plunging of the glory of the crown.
Who can the seductress save?

Alas! for the blood of my dreams.

The glory is in the telling but
the meaning will forever be hidden
behind the plainness of the words;
behind the apprehensions of the heart.
The magnitude of the crime…the foretelling of the arrogance.
…the opportunity amply given for repentance.

Alas! for Babylon.


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