Tired…my nation Nigeria.

Nigeria, and her constant lamentations of hope…a dirge I am tired of listening to! Oh just when will the end come?


I came
I see
I am tired…

The route to the forest,
once laid bare and clear;
has become a path fraught
We do not recognize.

…yet we remain completely familiar with

even more, at home with!

The path to the evil forest…
leads us to the ancestors.
The path to life drowned
in the steps of our leaders,
our followers…
in Choices made of
our dogmatic follow,
of the flies swarming the pit…
On the tail of the elephant,
A state of meaninglessness!

Our fathers have trod, and
we are lost…
still pretending to be on the pathway!

We follow a path…paths now many do lead.
will it not surely lead,

have we not arrivedĀ the evil forest.

The echoes and pain of our ancestors…
Almost lost in the sands of Time,
Etched with blood, clarity and thought
A perception we paid for with hard earned blood.

still we wait…fooling ourselves to

a better tomorrow!

will it never come?

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