Our state of Hell…

these dreams just won’t stop…i decided to tell it to the streets!


Calm and serene…

undercurrents within pretentious.

we all approach the day,

as if we were promised tomorrow.

as if we were guaranteed of its safety:

guaranteed it will belong to us…

Hell nears its fulfilment


we all go about our business

pretending we do not clearly perceive!


Oh! thou son of man…

listen to the voice

of age and experience,

of sights aggrieved…of hearts disillusioned

a wisdom way beyond years!

This old woman cries out,

with the mouth of the adulteress who has seen a lot…

“come thou simpleton” and hear,

hear what the spirit has got to say:

“come oh young and unassuming”

ignorance will not be an excuse!

Listen to the voice within,

crying out horrors glimpsed near…

“come oh young and foolish”

Hell has sharpened its teeth!

soon all will be let loose

Alas for my soul!

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