Nigeria and Nigerians

I would not know how to indeed go about these “thoughts” BUT I must set it forth and see what it births from there.

Is it that Democracy has caused some of us to become crazy or is that the insistent and inherent option of Choice has caused us not to be able to see which way forward, or is it that we have simply stopped caring?

If for anything what I have witnessed thus far in this Polity has made me conclude, that the shackles we keep screaming off has indeed been left there buried deep within by us; I believe no other human can keep a man’s mind thus shackled…Yes, westernization has its disillusions and some things cannot be helped, but the things that can be helped; how have we helped them?

Is it just to allude the attitudes of some of the masses to a lack of “western education, local education and will” or a lack of “western education, will and dreams” or a lack of “western education, local education, mind improvement, food and dreams?” or a lack of “enlightenment, western education, food, democratization, dreams and will?”

Can we be just to say that the darkness that persists in this country, as witnessed in the political, economic, spiritual, social and cultural equanimity is simply the lack of dreams and hopes or a lack of faith in the democracy we profess to practice? Or is it in the lack of vision or the existence of needs and wants on a very basic level?

Besides, what is democracy in a country without its attendant democratization?

Will I be just to conclude that the masses of Nigeria, who are so quick to adopt the latest trends of Fashion, technology and all sorts of so-called forward ideas are still in various degrees uncivilized as to what true ownership of self, economy and freedom indeed is?

When will we stop justifying lies in the Leadership of this Country on the basis of Party, ethnicity, Familial ism, greed and “all the what nots?”

When will we imbibe true value in Self and Ownership…in creating a future where our children can grow in true freedom with National monuments to point to, monuments laid down in their Parents fight for justice and freedom and truth?

When will we arrive at that stage where both the masses and leaders will recognize that promising power supply, food, good roads and all the “have-nots” are the basic rights of tax paying citizens…when will I be able to walk to a Police man and demand that He/She does his/her job because I am the one paying their salaries not government?

When will the people stop aspiring to power just because of the Money they can pilfer and not for the change they can make…how indeed can we say Politicians should not steal when they gamble their money unsparingly just to arrive at office…when will we start questioning where the monies for all these campaigns and bribery is coming from and what do the givers want in return?

When will we realize that agriculture is one of the strongest means of survival for man…and it is on it that the people of a country can truly survive…Yes! we need certain staples from foreign soils, but have we finished consuming the ones our soil can afford us…have we developed agriculture to a stage where we can say we are indeed filled and we can sell the remaining to other countries?

If the people are filled, will they not have amp opportunities to develop and research…Is this not the main foundation on which Economies that are prospering build their prosperity? When will we develop anything if we are so hungry that what we earn is barely enough to subsist on…and the little we can spare is spent on unnecessary ownership of technologies, high-end fashion and a frivolous existence we truly cannot afford…because we do not even have a right to aspire to them if we do not dream of making or improving on them?

If Indeed PDP has done well, why do they have to pay hungry citizens like me to stay in a hotel and press through the social media that they have indeed done something well for the Country for a paltry sum of thirty thousand Naira(30,000); when the citizens in question cannot even get a good job after finishing from the University…If they have done well, will the “wellness” not speak for them…When will someone question why the President of a Country came out to lay claim that He indeed sent the people caught with cash owning up to millions of dollars, to buy “Arms and Ammunition” for the Country when He can simply transfer the cash CBN to CBN if there was nothing fishy…Am i the only one who sees something amiss? Why would children, the most defenseless mass of a country, be taken from their places of learning and the “arms and ammunition” bought is not adequate to bring the culprits to book…

Where indeed did Boko haram get such “military Tanks” that are claimed to be so rare…who indeed finances them? who created this terror to begin with…what have we done to get “THESE CHILDREN” back…are we not failing as Parents already…where are all the charms and witchcraft we lay claim to, can they not be employed to indeed help us…or is the power of the black simply black in its very existence? Is there no witch among the mothers of these children…what message are we passing to the ones grown?

Is APC exempt from these lies either? Where did my “…” get the money to buy brand new cars every year when the streets are so bumpy you cannot even enjoy the ride no matter how new and expensive the car. Where did “…” get the money I see wasted up and down…Yet, maybe because of Fashola, and a few others, I may say, maybe lets give APC a chance at the national level…Yet, I remain disillusioned.

Why can’t the presidential aspirant for KOWA party have hopes of winning the election, is there something that says She cannot rule well? Yet, I fear because of the Party, that woman even if she means well might never be given the opportunity because after all, “Na where she waka from come”

If we want to attain development, and we believe we cannot run to it but crawl, at least even with a snail, you see the trail left behind, point me where the trail begun from and where it is now…where is the trail we have left behind? Why are the investors running to South Africa, Dubai, Ghana and even little Benin Republic? Nigeria, so called giant of Africa, are you so vast that your brain and mind has been stretched so thin?

Why is the Naira not doing well at all in the International market…why did we need to print the new hundred naira(100 Naira) Was there any need for it…Yes, it marked something but is that the priority now?

When will we start picking the pap from the slim point…when will we begin to afford simple industries that can avail much…when will Nigerians be ready to give the pain and sacrifice for which development is necessary? When will this hardship dock…never to set sail again.


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