To learn to trust again

and undo the scars of yesteryears.

To unlearn the secret evils of man’s heart,

to give another sole reign of your innocence and ignorance.


Can this ever be done?

Will it be the undoing of the fabric of experience

or the opening of the war-worn petals

to the blooming of the sunlight’s rays…

hoping it will not rain rape or bring shame and pain.


Can we love again…

starting on a clean wiped slate,

ignoring the scars peeking out

from the tight-edged corners of the heart.

Ignoring the fears screaming out wide,

longing for the safety of the darkness…

an unwillingness to unlearn the wisdom of history.


…To fall again in the time-old murky waters of the human heart.


Can we learn to trust again?

Can this old petal bloom yet again?

Can we take this chance…will you not break again

the fragile pieces left from the siege of the strong man and his recklessness?

Can we yet trust again?

… if only we can dare to dream again.



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