Slum of my dreams

Each day I pass through you,

living and reliving the memories…

seeing things I never grasped!

Afraid to relive here in reality.


Passing through you I feel undressed.

Naked to the eyes that stare back at me,

through me,

By me, blank.


…they dare me,

to think.

to ask.

to trouble endlessly:

should we lose hope…

have you forgotten to dream?


I may yet have forgotten.

earnestly, I believe in my struggle for a pleasant reality,

I may yet have forgotten the ambitions of my dreams,

the hunger I felt even after fed.

I have certainly forgotten to dream my ambitions.


My home has been made far away.

quite far from these harsh realities I see.

far away from the utter lessness and the hunger.

damn! the unquenched hunger ever present.

I seem to have forgotten to dream,

to at least make an attempt or make a pretense at,

to give voice to a truth that will be left unspoken;

A truth forever etched in the hearts that settled far away.


I will yet move again

and it is going to be far away still.

Like a nomad I am forever cursed,

to look for pastures greener and yet greener.

forgive me love but that is the way of man.


I have not forgotten the truth.

is it not forever etched in my memories?

Yet this constant reminder will help me to think

and I may yet dream again.


I have only ever known release,

dare I say freedom from the torments!

in the corridors forever running into each other

In the land of my dreams

but yet,

I will dream again,

for you, for me, for generations of the slaughtered lambs…

Mushin, I will yet dream.


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