Action vs Words


We are men of words —
I believe in freedom of speech and the right to express.
But among the sixty billion words created and crafted by the human brain,
we still have the contingency to misunderstand and fall short with using them.
It’s as if our words, billions as they are, seem to be just not enough.
Why does our language still feel so
inadequate, so pithy, so useless?

The human being was given the mind to speak its sorrows and joys
but man was also made with a body which is completely mobile.
Saying that we are in pain is simple, brief yet somehow lacking 
and so to justify; we scream, we crumble into our knees, we grasp for air
and such movements show pain and hurt between such actions.
When we are in love, we smile; our cheeks redden
and our eyes start to sparkle even without…

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