O thou most wretched of women
Hear thou my cry
Bereaved i cry out
Adamant in my pain.

Olaitan has mocked me,
Out in the streets
He has.
See my shame out in the open!

Aduke has come,
To make sacrifices for the children.
She has made an atonement
A peace that leaves me in pieces

Augustina what is my crime
Why have you fallen for the sweetness
Of the comb?
Making an ado of nothing.

Asake he has lied to you!
If you doubt go and ask kristi.
I am not the witch he named me, it was
Nemesis that caught up with him gravely.

Ewo for the shouts unrendered!
For a cunt embittered,
For a heart utterly shattered,
Ewo for the stump left without!

Maami if you had waited,
Olaitan wouldn’t have named names.
He has called me a whore
He to whom i have borne my all.

Alas! for the choice i made,
Staunch i must stand even unmade,
Where do i call on for help?
Alas for Oya, Oba and Osun proclaim.

I make my exit unencumbered,
With voices, questions and wail unheard
A good woman i tried to be
Alas for the choice of an embittered man!


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