I look at you…

laughing out loud

from the other side of the mirror.

I see your dissatisfaction,

perfectly mirrored in mine…


I know the answers to your listlessness


Do you know mine?


Sister in crime,

sister mine…

Girl in distress,

they all want us for a mistress!

we play games with them all,

i can’t just feel anything anymore…


I keep laughing


because i see the cause of your listlessness;

but you do not see mine.



They want us figured out


the spirits are here again…


I laugh again:

heavy tears streaming down,

I am one of them.

I can never belong with them.

I know who I am

Do you?


The motions are no longer right;

but on I must trudge…

They do not understand you:

neither do they me.

They see a craziness

we see “us”.


Crying would not stop it all;

I know the perfect drugs for you,

I know mine


I seem to want more.

to enlist your freedom,

I must turn  back from sanity

…sanity is so elusive


It seems it is all I have now…


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