Still the avenger!

Aggrieved Woman.

I watch the blood spill…

dropping slowly and sweetly like

agbalumo with fierce red nipples.

It should have given pleasure

Alas! the soft petals that give acridity to the mouth

making it puckered like an embittered cunt!

Generations undone.

the blood drips fresh. it can’t be helped.

If only I had not met him,

then maybe. maybe these innocents

would not suffer under a burden so


It brings pain that makes me poignant!



If only…

these children could be spared;

but who will please the avenger.

who will unshed the tears and blood…

on whom will my spirit demand the sacrifice to appease…

Monisola, has been crippled from beyond.

Aduke cries daily for salvation,

who will save her own.

Take the news to the King!

The cries of the babes for mercy.

the grievous wails for mercy…

who will still the avenger!

Please take the message to the king;

the deity has spoken!


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