3rd person plural-IT.

I desperately want to paint.

furiously desperate, i find no words.

no muse. no blood.

to paint the emotions that have me bound tightly.

I sit there and realize the frustrations many call

writers block. i am. never. blocked.

I just spill, into the crevices that passionately has nipples hardened.

a lack of braininess. just a furious painting of emotions. it never is mine to own.

never has been. It does not find me seductive enough to fall for.

a tumbling for my sweet nothings. no. it is not mine.

i call it my 3rd person plural. (verbs be damned.)

i refer to its fury as my painting. it is a part of us.

just an elusive persona that comes and go.

we cannot stake a claim on it. no. not my 3rd person plural.

if i were to paint, and stake a claim, then you would see

that even i experience the artist’s bloc. LMFAO!


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