My boy

He is set to marry now…my son.

I still see the attributes of his childhood in him. often.

I see the selfishness of some of his decisions. I am his mother.

I see the man that needs frequent subtle guidance. every now and then.

I am afraid to thrust his ship to another. will she guide him right.


She sees a man in him, his wife.

she sees her protector in him, my child.

she sees her hero in him, my boy.

She expects the world of him, my son.

She demands a true leader, my selfish boy.


I am afraid for them both. Yes, I am rightly so.

Will she see his potentials and maximize them. Be his farmer.

Will she see envision his dreams. Be his midwife.

Will she see the fear lurking in the heart of his indecision’s. Be his mother.

Will she make much of this little they start with…


Or will she encumber him. Nag and blame him for his shortcomings.

Or will she take all he is starting with and completely ruin it.

Or will she be the war that drives him from his home, into the hands of the scavenger.

My boy!


Will she ever see that she is the hidden leader in the home…and man up to it.

to birth in him what she envisions. I really hope her visions are grande!

will she empower herself with knowledge and become the maker of a king…

will my boy ever realise all I ever dreamed he could be…

Oh help us make her an inestimable jewel.


My boy…


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