the voice of madness draws near,

what will the end be
a private glimpse denied…

who will resist a voice so poignant,
nearing the destination of others gone before…

silently and purposefully carving away,
shreds and tatters of sanity…

where will the path terminate,
no glimpse of forks to alternate a force so great…

what will the madwoman decide,
is there really a choice…

to whom will this speak to,
for whom was this given…

there are forks to this road though unseen,
the great power of will to deny…

Arise beloved!
take your weapon and remember you are a god…

Let not the servant lie so viciously to you,
You are in sole control of where to turn.

Look beyond and walk into the fork covered in thick fog,
Yes! leap off in faith and remember that YOU are.

Simply because HE IS.

Arise beloved!
shed off the voice of the liar…
that arch enemy that hopes to steal, to kill and to destroy.
take on the yoke of HIM who has faithfully called you,
Go under and let HIM BE only what HE can BE.

There in lies your weapon.


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