Our Secret…

I may make it in series,
this hurt I feel each time I see you be.

each time am asked to be a woman and suck it up.
…shutting off the pain quietly.

all you could do is tone it down a little even
if you cannot shut if off totally.

Let’s say I kept you in perpetual hurt,
in a state of uncertainty for such a while.

even when you told me my actions were hurting you,
I say sorry, but,

go right ahead doing that very thing that hurts you?
It wouldn’t matter would it-or hurt?

Yes. I mean that very thing that makes you cry in secret.
I see nothing to it-it’s not even what you are thinking.

Yet for your sake, I could not give it up…no.
That would be asking too much.

…And I go on hurting you.
Hurting me.

Hurting our relationship.
But hey, who cares?


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