My Body, His glory!


Once upon a time, I questioned why God gave me the body I had due to some bad experiences I had. I believed my body had cost me much more than it has benefited me and I despised God for punishing me with it.

I have since then changed my mind. What happened? I was given a change of perspective. Here is how…

Recently I sat down to think about certain things that have been recurring to me. I realized 80% of the guys that ask me out and intrigue me are married. Yes, married. No big deal I guess? Think again.

I used to hate it when married men pestered me and it was a phenomenon that hurt and bothered me so much I try my best to avoid men in this category so much. I had believed there was something wrong with me that make them desire “me” this much…village pipu were behind it! (See, the first I knew of a penis was a house master in Primary School who decided to rub himself up my pants while I was sleeping in the dormitory.)

Since then, it has been one hate-filled encounter after the other and I came to believe there was just something wrong with my aura. I lived with guilt, hurt and pain for so long. This translated into my adulthood and all the guys I would have had a fabulous relationship with due to their intelligence, amiability, understanding and maturity are married. And they do not want to stay on their lane.

The phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it” occurred to me one evening and I realized I had been jonzing for too long. I had allowed many men wander away because of my hatred of what they represented. Only God knows how many I lost by this mentality.

Presently, there are some 3 married guys who believe they love me so much they can sing opera at my bidding. Bah!. They are Christians, quite intelligent, hardworking and guess what, quite comfortable. All these are enough to get me tempted but I feel pain deep within. The Kingdom of darkness is being populated as we speak by Christians who are lost in the world; lost to greed, selfishness, lust and lack of love. And unwittingly, they are really helping the devil populate hell. This gives me pain because these people have a following and they would have been perfect prefects to point the class in the right direction-to Christ.

I started reading a book called “ The Purpose Driven Life” and this book has helped me take a re-think of many things I take for granted. For Example, since I was made for the Masters’ use, it should mean that God in His infinite wisdom made me all I am today and make these men attracted to me simply because I am to be their torch in the darkness. I should point them back to Christ.

Maybe, just maybe this is one of my Ministries…

Now, I do not repel them as I used to do. I listen and then discuss everything they said with God in prayer and guess what? One of them just re-purposed his mission!!!! Hurrah! He stopped seeing me as an object of lust but as a vessel of wisdom and guidance.

Today, God in his grace and mercy is helping him work on and pray for His family. He likes me more these days as his sister and He is all about praying for me to get God’s appointed. The joy to me is-life threw me lemons, Christ made a lemonade out of it for me.

The funny thing is, the time I spent conversing with God about this family was fabulous for me, I enjoyed it immensely. It was so endearing…

So, my prayer fixed a family, helped me grow closer to God, pointed me towards taking advantage of a silly situation and guess what, satan sent them to the wrong person! From now on, I am going to be my Father’s ears, eyes, legs, mouth and heart here on earth. Together, we will take these vessels from the devil and send them back to God! Are you with me on this?

Now I have learnt that if only 200 Christians in Nigeria were living as Christ commanded then, we can take the nation for God! Let us all stand in our place of callings and turn the temptations around for Gods glory! I look forward to the next batch the devil is gonna send my way. (Chuckling with mischief!)



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