A vice called Knowledge

Knowledge is good.
Timely knowledge is better.
God given knowledge is the best.

Depression was a bestie,
We’d keep each other company and moon over the past.
We were so close, relationships exclusive of each other was frowned upon,
till we were separated.

by something as flimsy as knowledge.

It came and stole the moments,
forcefully shinning light on depression,
making me cower with realization…
my friendship with my bestie was an early grave.
one mere mortals like me shrunk from.

…and there the relationship ended.

Sometimes I wished it did not.
I miss our moments and our cups of chocolate.
I miss its lies of me being a weakling,
I miss its half truths of nobody wanting me.
of nobody needing me.
Mostly, I miss my romance with death.

Knowledge came,
now poor me is left with no bestie.


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