Echoe the calls of Christ to the Cross.

Tell of His sacrifice and the freedom He had given before time began.
He formed it in His mind but
created it in His death.
Oh! That men will praise the Lord.
That Africa will be freed from the torments of cages-
cleverly perpetuated by wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Make the altar call!
let the heart be completely surrendered to its owner.
Yes, evil exists.
But where is the generation of Apostles to challenge darkness and put it in its rightful place-

beneath the soles of the feet.

Lies beget lies.


Darkness has shaken hands…
Alas! for the man who refuses to know His maker most intimately.

Alas! for the smart man who sees ample grounds to perpetrate business.
Alas! for the demons who see breeding grounds.
Darkness and greed shook hands,
emptying the African-

forever caged.

…from his resources and his glory.
from a lifetime relationship with His Creator.
from life in abundance as Christ really promised it.



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