That Politicking.

In infinite wisdom he was made lowly;
Uneducated, unassuming and
Born to a family poorest in the land.

In arrogance and greed,
creation birthed “his” to the wealthiest,
The powerful and the power intoxicated…

…How can one created be so proud?

I would have thought the greed for power and influence
Would make one so bold as to challenge his creator
In wisdom patiently study in emulation?

If I wanted to be greater than one so powerful,
I would have studied what made him indeed powerful.

The Creed!
Humble and poor: subjected to the laws of creation,
He thought his teachers.
In quiet authority never making noise-
Or desiring the power that corrupted the powerful completely,

He influenced creation for all eternity!

Wretchedly subtle and assuming-
With all the price of education gone to waste,
They never realized what was right before them!
and in their depravity and greed,
in their infinite lust and thirst,

they lost what they spent so much trying to own and
Wisdom gave the true power to the humble and deprived.
Who paid no price at all for it.

God and His ways.

Satan, his host and their arrogant stupidity!


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