Of Nomads and of Kings who stay…

This in it’s depth is the basic truth about relationships…I especially like the part about Nomads, Kings and the Kings who stay.

Sunshine and Cyra

3945775132_09e93699f4 “I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.” – Songs of Solomon 7:10

Unwavering desire, desire that stays even after it has conquered, conquered my lands and my plains. Desire that I don’t have to work for, there’s no need for daily conquests or for those magazine headlines on tips to leave him “wanting for more”. Nope. He has conquered, he has won, now, I belong to him and yet still his desire is for me.


The word is, “conquer”

Yes, you can be conquered.

Don’t let them tell you it has nothing to do with, “this”

They come to conquer, you are worth being fought for, your soul is priceless don’t you get it?

Wars are waged over you, so yes they come to conquer, the harder you make it for them, the more interested they are, which is major bullshit, cos you don’t have…

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