Sing me a true sonnet.

Write me a verse.
make the sonnets ring
erupting rapturous orgasms from deep within.

Pen me lyrics;
send the strings on an errand for me,
tell the story true.
Make my nipples taut with your sweet nothings,
render the wax in my ears soft…
that the droppings like steals from the comb might become.

Oh! put it up on billboards.
tell the world of how wonderful I am.
tell them how rare you find me among all gems.
Make me proud of all the work my Father put into my making.
Let’s both make the KING proud!

Tell your friends how intact
my womanhood is.
Let your family know that I was brought up well.
Call forth the drums and re-celebrate
…of the tellings of how arduous I made you sweat for it.


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