In the stillness of the hour



Say of the day,
I wish you were here,
Near enough to feel you completely filling me up.

…To watch the earth rotate on an angle of awesomeness
and feel joy and happiness at being Yours.

I feel defiled right now
…and probably empty.
I know you are here, nearer than I can imagine
but I have given up on love;
I am giving up on the tender care I feel each time with You.
I am giving up on self and throwing the towel.
Honestly, I wish it will all end
mostly in praise.

I want to be loved again and to love again.
but this moment: right now, right here is so desolate!
I wonder how King David survived all those time in the desert with the forces of the world against him.

I need you to come true again.
I need you to cleanse me again.
I need you to fill me up again to the brim.
I want to let go completely;
there is nothing I can do about what is done.
Help me see you beyond this horizon.

I miss you Father
More than I can voice out.

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