Lies, all of them!

You lied.

you said: you would love me flaws and all.

my simple heart never stood a chance!


You promised me you would be my shelter.

my solace in a can full of worms,

you left me instead in the market…

drenched in the rain that wouldn’t be quenched.

my shame was my cover from the mockery!


You knew my fears;

you knew the pain.

none of it was ever hidden from you.

you knew of the torments;

and the injustice fought all my life,

it was never hidden from you.


I never could stand my weakness for your friendship.

i fought it with all my strength but,

dear me: simpleton that I am,

i believed all the words poured forth from the fountain

that had a surface as calm as the sea.


I took my poor heart, ate it and leaped!

i just had to take a leap.

i had stayed on the precipice longer than is to be expected.

i needed a hand to lead me across; all had failed.

in my need, my dire, dire need,

i saw a friend in you,

a companion, and you told me to jump:

that you would have my back for all time.


Alas! for my broken heart.

shattered across the surface of the raging sea…

you wouldn’t even stick around to help pick the pieces.

never trust a man!

never ever trust his word!

it was cancer this time.


and your cancer ruined me for others to come.

they never stood a chance.

she had become way damaged: damaged beyond fixing.


As I drive and look back,

the stream deserted poor me,

the well dried eons ago.

the pain is not in the leaving but in the deceit;

in the selfishness that birthed your deceits…in the ignorance of it all.

Now, a mocking bird croons in my ears,

And all I hear time and time again is the lies…the endlessness to the deceits!


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