Should have been another repeat song.

rendering emotions tiring in their eternal lyrics.


this is different,


same on another’s lips.

We dance forth without breaking;

with your lips, sometimes deeds,

you try to reassure me.


your actions remain a testament

of the fears I bury deep. at least I try to.

The years pass by,

it becomes another Taylor Swift hit.

who will present the Grammy’s.

who will an applaud raise;

to bury the tortuous moments

of pain, hidden deep.

sometimes revealed in tears,

…of hopes and wants, of dreams asked to be


It becomes ultimately tiring in repeat,

a bullet, cheap as the Oscars!

quite elusive in Niger area.

who will the gods tell.

this anthem has

become stale.



would wont

the womb.

…and discard the still births.

Let the children roam free, that the anthologies

might meanings have.


Let the drama cease.


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