Try reading a romance novel after a very long time with Toblerone white chocolate!


For the joy of me I can’t find my muse.

guess it took a stroll,

down the lane with depress.

They have been quite the pair lately.


Laughter spills over the rim,

as my cocoa gives me delight beyond sexual expressions…

“Hey depress, take ya time out on that stroll!”

Pappy and I have some catching up to do.


Such delights warm on the tongue melting;

giving deep sated filling,

ultimately yelling at the nights

of the cold damp sheets,

of body bathed  in salty tears…of heaviness of heart untold.

of wishes wishfully wishing.


Pappy we have lots to catch up on.

let’s make a story to be written on the pages of time.

damning Shakespeare and his tragedies!

let’s become the happy ending,

of the Romeo and his Juliet.

Toblerone moments…

catching up with the white leaflets.


Oh! we have so much catching up to do.

leave them guessing if you are a man or just chocolate.

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