Wild Abandon.

Let’s make love on the sheets of time

outside restrictions and limitations…

Let the heart pour out its emotions freely

bowing not to the pressures of the known and accepted norms.



Let’s go wild with abandon.

sanctioned by the knowledge of

a history made with cares left out the door.

Let’s bath purely in expressions of love;

and watch our lives glow beyond

lighting the paths for our seeds.

telling them of a love that damned fore-knowledge and play.




Let’s bath in our sweats

and delight in our dreams…

let the catch be lifted,

releasing restricted emotions!

let’s bath in the mutual feeling of being loved and being in-love.

Let’s clothe in knowledge.

and leave the guiding to the Shepherd of all time!




it’s time to release the restrictions


let our seeds, fertile in thoughts

explode over the face of the earth!


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