yet again we cry…BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!

and the days run into months
seasons have come and have gone…
the truth of our loss and debt
laid way open in the forgetting of my people.

I hear there are now female suicide bombers.
are the girls buried beneath the carriers
or are these ladies who became simply available
to take death into their hands?

When will we say enough?
when will the mothers and fathers stop
these cries to ears deaf in wickedness!
Is the country indeed this helpless?

Should Nigeria have shown her face in the world cup?
despite the tragedy the nation has become…
Is Jonathan coming back really for a 2nd term?
Oh! the helpless state of an incongruous people.

If Jonathan’s children had been indeed kidnapped…
will he keep folding his hands in absolute helplessness…
I am tired of wondering.
if there is a parent in you yet,
do something about these children.
Or must we lose them all as cannon to fodder!
Bring back these girls.


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