As much as I put up curtains to cover up the emptiness inside: probably it is not just emptiness but frustrations and some regrets…Yes! Seasons worth, I go on as if it did not really matter or mean much, yet, I know if it didn’t I would not be here years after still thinking about the odds.

Life is such a funny place…one minute you are so happy and you believe nothing can go wrong and there it goes…

Look at me,

You may think you know who I really am but you’ll never know me.

Everyday, I go out with my mask just in place,

Laughing at the right moments

and filling up the gaps for others merriment.

Now I see,

If I wear a mask I can fool the world


I cannot fool my heart.

This song just would not stop rolling on my tongue…and it is apt enough to cover what it is I am feeling inside.(Yes, I added a few words of mine and removed most of the lyrics, but hey! what do you care?)

I see a pattern quite dangerous of itself: the veneration of all that is quite bad. Darkness seems to prevail in this world and at this time. It has led and is leading many to unrighteousness just to fill that gap, that emptiness, to scratch that itch and shortchange that pain. It of itself is quite exciting and that is the pattern, the arrow bridge where destruction truly sets in.

Yes, we have pains. Yes, most times, people do not really want to listen to your problems as they have their own woes to think about. Yes, you were short-changed by that man or woman. Truly, is it not right just a little bit right to let go and get the justice that you deserve. God is just taking His time to get around to answering you and I am sure, He would understand that you have waited long enough! You have been good all along. You just need a little relief, a little rest from all the pain.

Yet, that voice persists in its admonitions, in its rendering true and blue–Patience is quite a virtue.

Patience is quite a virtue…

Wisdom has made itself known at the gates of the city, It crieth out at the door posts, how long, how long will you simple ones revel in your simplicity…How long will you let the enemy crow in your ears of a relief that brings pain and attributions with it? Will you indeed sell your beautiful soul just for that solution: the solution to a problem that is as fleeting as the human life?

Patience is a virtue…Wisdom raiseth her voice on the streets, how long oh little one, how long will you listen to that sonorios voice in your heart that whispers lies in relief?

Patience is indeed a virtue…

It brings to mind certain heroes…We pray to God to give us victories, victories like that of Joseph and David. Have you taken into account the amount of suffering and years of testing these men went through before their inheritance?

Ruth, Esther, Daniel, Hannah…such glorious examples! Have we indeed studied the true reason behind their being books in the Bible, does wisdom indeed not make herself heard and known? Are you prepared to offer the sacrifices of these servants? What about Jacob–oh! Jacob whom God loved from the womb. Have you indeed studied his life? Just how much did Jacob give before He became a Father of nations? How many times was he short-changed? For how long did he serve? Why did He have to go through all that beloved?

Remember Isaac the son of promise…did he not have to go commission God for Rebekah who was barren? Oh! it brings to mind beautiful Moses…see his life! Such a friend of GOD! that God in a moment wanted to clean off Abrahams line and begat new ones in Moses…yet! how many years did Moses go and serve His Father-in-law? For how long did Moses have to be saddled with the responsibility of such a great nation that He died for their stiffneckedness…and that was a dear friend of God.

Beloved, Jesus did not come that your life may not know any more pain or sorrows…No! HE has come to give you life that you might live more abundantly, that you might in peace know that THESE troubles of existence are just swats of fly’s they are not the important things…the most important thing is that we might have Life and that that life should become completely hidden in Christ. This is that life that GOD desired for Adam and Eve, that He would come down from Heaven, leave the whole host and glory of Heaven and come and fellowship with man on earth!(Oh what is man that THOU art mindful of him and the son of man that THOU visiteth him) Chai!!!

In the face of the pain and sorrows, of the challenges, what indeed matters is that I have such joy that my life is completely hidden in Christ and nothing whatsoever can come between me and Gods love—not even death itself(wink).

So I am ready to put down my masks and indeed celebrate my true freedom…praying that everyday, the forging of GOD of my life will be indeed worth HIS time…that I do not come out at the end of it like the Israelites of the desert but as victorious as Yoseph! David! Ruth! Rahab! Esther! Daniel! Stephen! Jonathan! Caleb! Hannah! Philip!…Jesus! that indeed God’s glory may be fulfilled in me…what is life that I would gain the whole world and lose my very own soul(that essential part of me that makes me one, an integral part of God…no! nothing is worth it!

(as random and scattered as this piece is, I make no apologies; for to me it is a catharsis…I hope it does something for someone out there.)


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