Raufu and the damned Cupid!

In the year of the locusts…

Before the children,

…long before the children were ever made free.

Adaobi saw Raufu,

Liked Raufu,

Wanted Raufu.


(Our aged but!)

The king came and a decree gave

Love was a phenomenon only understood by the gods and heroes.

Family and Money a good marriage made…

And Adaobi became Yusufu’s.

Raufu went on to become the village  laborer.

Adaobi birthed beautiful girls

And then some boys.

Replete in the occasional happiness children bring mothers…

In societal acceptance and dictates.

She was well married;

Completeness was not a word!

It should remain un-declared from the lips of young ones.


In all its over-stated glory remains

A phenomenon other-worldly.

…and Raufu, the village laborer

Of a broken heart died…still, who cares!


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