Lets simply BE.

I would have cried, if you weren’t new.

I would have talked, if only you could hear

…or you could understand my stand-point.

We could make something beautiful.

If you allowed me get past your hurts,

…Maybe I can’t get past mine.

I would have helped you heal, or you me.

we would have made wonderful friends.

I was looking forward to it.

Alas! I fear what I perceive innately.

I begin to see, some virtues may have been left behind,

…in the process of learning and unlearning.

I hurt presently.

guessing it might not be.

at least, follow the path I thought it would.

We do fight a lot, too often for me.

what sign might this be.


I hope sincerely,

I am given the grace to know you well enough.


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