Truths are beautiful in themselves;

in their telling:

in the liberation it brings but,

it could also bring the fabric(illusions) of the human society down!

There is a beauty to being honest:

A freedom soft like the bliss of a wind just after a rainfall.

Truths are truths

created to be told,

to be felt,

to indeed set free but,

truths are also time sensitive.

People in their semi-conscious state believe they like truths:

yet in reality, we all prefer lies and sweet nothings,

to keep us going in our illusions…

illusions as thick-skinned as bubbles

best tried by time.

Truths are indeed what they are: truths,

Yet caution and wisdom rendered bring to limelight their beauty

A beauty seasoned like ripe plums…

Time is the constant premise of truths…

Given that truths without proofs

are disastrous in themselves.


truths are indeed just truths…

the powerful freedom giver that remains the enemy of humans

Constant in time.


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