The truth behind these walls
One must carve out.

We stare at each other uncomprehending
Grasping at an illusion we wished was there…
We fight to make it true,
To wash the years gone by with seeds,
Seeds from your loins,
Life to make it all new afresh…

Must we strive.
Shouldnt it all come easy?
The passion I see here today
I could not have glimpsed years ago
From the vantage point of my youth!

Something told me to take you for granted,
An elemental shade of white.
It assures me of where I have made my table
On whose door i have come to call…

Poetry can never do us justice,
I wish it could.
Maybe then I can bathe all these emotions in shades of red, blue and green.
To arrive at the shades of truth that orchestrates you and I this way…


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