The white Prophet

Call me the fool and

you just might not be far from the truth!

The possible futures we can choose from,

should have availed me a glimpse of

what that particular decision would cost me…


In choosing a future where you existed,

at the risk of all others…

(on the verge of turning golden)

It has drained me of all dreams,

emptied me of illusions,

deprived me of the apt world painting I thought I had.

of what and how emotions should be employed.

(Now my gold comes out brown as earth!)

Such indeed were my illusions…

If ever I  recover from the shock you gave me.

I sit and weigh all the other options I forgone,

I cannot dream of any other possible future.

I have taken the risks I could ever hope to take.

given all I ever had to make that future real…

Now, seeing I saw lies and damned the truth,

I just do not know where else to turn to…

Yet will I set sail again,

make my journey back,

to the school that marked me with tattoos,

of given illustrations of how humankind should be,

and teach them of all I have learned.

and hope against all hope that,

such grievous mistake was never repeated!


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