Janvier was a month of ending.
what an irony!
It came, we went
and that became the end,
to a love story.

February was a month of beginnings.
of tears and lies, shattered hopes and dreams
whoever thought such a month would be
the complete twist to a complete tragedy?

March was a match!
A complete setting of fire
to the rains of the heart and the reigns of pun.
just where did the malapropism set in?

April was a month of discovery.
to know indeed the loss of the heart and
the loss of affections…
a complete guide to the inner man.

oh! May.
the gigantic revealings of colossal failures
may it indeed never come again.

June…my june
of missings and wishes,
of love birthed anew…of wants and needs discovered
a poetic justice to the year.

here and there
frivolous of heart yet
complete in its guide to the affectations of the heart.

and here comes August…


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