Our dance

they have begun their dance…

a dance of foolishness: wicked but foolish.


you take my covering and I look on,

you seem to believe strongly that it would not do

ýet what I am, you most surprisingly do not know…


You have began your dance of shame in fame,

For as you have laid your bed, so you shall lie on it.

this covering you believe is yours; that you forcefully give me,

has revealed to me your hand.


How can you say I converted?

when you but terrorize words out of me.

For fear of your wickedness,

I will offer to you a dish of pure stupidity!

Oh really, how dare you!


I cannot become what my mouth claimed to save my heart,

For from within I look into you clearly,

(have you not read that out of the mouth of babes have I ordained strength?).

I see the terrible fear you try to hide in the blatant atrocities you commit.

If indeed your god, Ällah” was indeed sufficient,

Is indeed the one you call upon…

why would you forcefully kill and maim that I might believe?


Is ÿour god” not a God,

tell me oh religious man.

Is he so incapacitated that he would require thou “öh man”

wretched and transient as you are,

to kill, maim and deprive in his name?

Is he really äll powerful then,

that he would hide behind your skirts…


If “your god”is really this small,

I will hide behind my words what my heart knows most true.

for on the otherside,

I have been told of a God who is sufficient, powerful and great enough

that he would pick his önly begotten one”,

to save his creations from themselves and that fallen one “shaytan”

Have you ever paused enough to question,

why it is that “he begat a son”

just one…


In begetting, he got one who loved Him enough

to go pay the costly price to appease judgement,

to spare His creations from something so sinister in existence,

that would make the creator in fury totally destroy.

in that Sacrifice, I hear he became begotten:

A spirit-man worthy, so worthy that he became a “son”


I would choose this definition of God rather than settle for

this demented version of yours,

of a god who would take babies, children, pregnant women,

human beings he made into being,

just to annihilate them to show his power!

why then did he make them inherently built,

with that choice thing called “Choice”.

bring back our girls


I truly refuse in my terror to accept this standard of GOD!



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