tears I wish we never shed. Now I move about in abject fear thinking am I next?

Seun Odukoya

That was the sound;

If only it wasn’t so loud


If only it had landed on bare ground,

And there had been nobody around


If only we as a people did our jobs well and proud

Did the right thing; not afraid of the crowd


If only we still had our consciences intact

Hadn’t sold it cheap to the real ratpack


Torn eardrums and battered corpes

The result? Abuja needs beefed up security!


Why now? Why not wait and see what happens next?

A simple case of medicine after death


But who cares? Life goes on! After a while, we’ll be quiet

Until the next one

and the next one

and the next

and the



And the tears will never. Stop.

Until we start.

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