Seal it in Silence

My actions have become hysterics;

Tantrums thrown by a crazed lady.

My reservations and concerns,

A constant nag in your ears.


If I do seal them in silence,

would my actions echo loud enough?

Will you ear the cries of a heart stunned to tumult?

Would folks give me accolades for being a “good woman”

Or would I simply be called a fool in the 21st century?


If I did smoke it in pot,

would it be substantially hidden in diagrams…


I simply don’t want to be a stereotyped woman!

I hear my cries in echoes loud as the market on a Saturday,


I see your ears turned 360 degrees away.


Silence has become a solace.

To please you, I will seal it all up


My reservations will be heard

In the pages of lyrics.




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