would that I could Erase you…



I silently scream…

thinking back on those years,

when happiness was boundless,

when we found each other again

when we tried our hearts again…



images (4)

I look back and see memories I never knew I had

moments I did not pause to record

or register in my brain like you did…

I see glimpses

photo cards here and there

of happiness and innocence

of love I thought existed

of people never saying No no more…



I see now,

something is wrong

but I pause to ask;

has it always been wrong,

did it tell itself in whispers and signs

in “nays” and “yeas”

did i still my heart to them


images (11)

How did we arrive at this stream…

will we flow backwards or forwards…

will the channel be together or seperate…

Has it all come to an end?

so many questions…


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