What did you see

You saw in me a field untested;

A dream unlived.


I was to you an uncharted course

A goddess never tamed.

     and you decided you wanted a bite…


…then it became a need


The chase begun.


You were deceived;

You saw what you wanted to see…

I am nobody’s saint

…or goddess!

riddled with faults like them all,

I know what I am,

But you were deceived…


Unravelling the wrap,

you see I am just like any other…

Hold me to know Ideal,

Expect from me not

A perfection i can only render on pages of blood.


Be not deceived

I am and remain,

This girl they would not touch!

Go back to them and tell them;

Laugh and spit it out,

Let them see you finally fed,

from the poisoned pot!

The deception was from you…

It will remain yours…


I take no blame.



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