OlaOluwa mi,

There is a melody in me,
That sings of calm waters.

It renders itself in melodies,
Soft and menacing.

It tells me often of the desires,
Of a heart given totAlly, to another,

I feel a peace around your river,
Waterfalls making such desirous cacophony
      Giving me delights I mostly can’t sAy,
Emotions I render in the words “I love you.”

I feel this happiness deep.
It tells me, you live now to please.
That, each day, you wake up grateful to the Almighty.

ThAt we were given this opportunity,
ThAt we were meant to be…
Our heArts desirous of all,
   My baby,
As much as sex is beAutiful;
It is a tool most destructive!
Now it would put this distance between US,
One we could do without…

I believe, if ever we should,
If by grace we flow upstream safely,
Then cAution will avail.

Let US together tame this devil
That seeks to destroy a calm so beautiful,
A rhythm so peaceful,
A cacophony so blissful.

…The sound of so many waters,
Fulfilling purpose,
Pleasing the Almighty.

I love you my baby,
Let your thoughts in me,
Grow ever so serene, blissful
Ever so joyous
Ever so loving…
So soft and beautiful.

This is a phase of love.

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