Meet me y’all…
Here I am at my lowest ebb.
I thought I couldn’t go any lower,
Then I see this.

Can I change my hide,
Do I even have one?

I will be writing from a beyond,
Atop the hills where
Loves not found.

I take my leave of mAidens,
Forgoing the joys of women at the well.
Where I go I do not know:
No one I know will have me.

This is that point, the limescale
That births nothingness…

Weep not for me sister!
I made my bed…
Come and scourge me mother,
Let the guilt of my shame,
If they can be absolved,
Be washed with scrubbing stones…

Grandmothers come;
Make your judgement!
Let your mother raise her curse,
She warned you didn’t she?
Alas for your blind ears!

I have thrown my remorse,
To the rivers flowing into oceans
Just a skin…a cask…a mask,
Filled with worms and bites.

I cannot remove them,
He will not have them,
I do not want them,
No one will lament…

I laid my bed,
In thorns and tears I rip,
Straw pallets would have availed
Alas for my dreAms and reachings of greatness!

If you would have me,
If you wouldn’t have me…
No one else may!

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