fly away

I drive pass
Watching ouses pass by
Knowing I give out each tym
Jes a lil more piece of me
I watch it fly by
I know I may never retrieve dem
But I can’t really see any oda way out
I jes wanna be left alone
I don’t really want to go back
To being lonely
But as I drive pass
Minute after minute
Tym after tym
Nd watch as pieces of me
Irretrievable fly by
I wish oh I wish that
I was stronger than this
That I was better than this
That I had the courage to fly
Fly alone and be the eagle
I was meant to be
The woman I know I am
Buried deep within the walls of moss
There’s really nothing to be done
Cuz each tym I lose portions
Of the life I once knew
Of the person I once was
Of where I knew I was going
Of the person I know I really am
Oh they fly by and there’s no one
Friend or foe that could undo
The damage I do, that I ve done
That I know I am still going to do
Adieu innocent one!
One day may we meet again
Oh by the way,
I remain very sorry that
I couldn’t protect you longer
That I couldn’t keep my promises
That I couldn’t be stronger than this


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