I wont honour ur memories
No No i wont
I wont honour des emotions wit teaars
Oh no i wont
I wont honour ur words wit words
Oh no dear i wont

As i break
And watch d pieces fall
Scatter almost beyond redemption
I look up and see you
You won this hand quite alrite
And i stayed the fool
Oh wat i fool i really am

Now its all gone
Dreams, puposes, aspirations
Friendship, love, lies
Emotions false
What exactly do i use
Cuz des pieces wont jes mend
The scars forever etched
Who do i give dis
Surely GOd wont listen this time

When will all these mistakes stop
Am i cursed?
Hu av i offended?
Where else do i turn?
Emotions twirl, oh dey twirl
Helpless i watch on
As pieces of what was left
Go down the drain
With tears, blood and sweat

Oh where do i run?


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