Maidens of the square

Elude me not fairy mine
Take not this gift away
Paint me a mural
Let the feelings discordant
As they may
Pour out in fetters unbound.

Show me the pathway
Shining with clarity
Day-by-day oh make me
Choose from a forest
Filled with clays.

Let my day shine
Brighter and brighter, let mine
Life a meaning bespoken require
Let this beast unbind my fetters
Set me a blaze o thou fairy mine.

Show me again, I say
Do please show me…
Call the maidens of my day
Oh set the gong ablaze.
Come maidens come, make
Your pick of the clays from
Set ablaze the emotions come.

Pick not mine oh fair one
Let yours for you enough be…

Beat the drums, call
The maidens out, set
Fire to a brush, hurry
Make a ring, hurry
Make a ring.
Let the cascading of beats
Drown out the voices of
Ectascy, promises of a moment
Meaningless in my ears be!

Set me ablaze fair one
Let the meaning I find come.
Let me remain among the maidens
Blessed I profess thee.

This petal I seee, in the forests of fairies
This daemon I glimpse, amidst the beasts
Oh this prospect I view
Let my soul shout anew!

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